Facts about Greg Robb and Sabrina Singh.

Greg and Sabrina, owners of Sugarbuds Italian Village Bakery agreed to rent a home from Advantage Sales Group Canada Inc. and moved in September 1, 2010. However, each month that rent was due, they were either late paying, made partial payments to what was due or they bounced cheques. The last few months they were allowed to pay instalments in an effort to help the cash starved couple. Eventually, they broke the lease and moved out in April, 2011 which is approx. 7 months into the 12 month lease.

Prior to moving into the Property, as we do with all possible tenants, we reminded the couple that $1750.00 a month is EXECUTIVE type rent, and suggested that they find a cheaper place to live. Greg and Sabrina, owners of Sugarbuds, at that time, assured us that "they would have no problems paying the rent" even though the problems paying the rent started immediately. How could they both be so out to lunch financially?

Either you can afford the rent, or you can't. OBVIOUSLY, they couldn't.

We were unable to find a tenant to move in right after the couple because the couple kept the property in such an untidy state while the couple lived in the property that it didn't show well. As a result, the property sat empty for weeks before a new tenant moved in. The house had to be cleaned after they moved out and then the place could be shown. We have sent invoices for $1750.00 in compensation for the property sitting empty but the couple has not responded.

Yes, I know, we should have washed our hands of them and sent them packing. But being a bleeding heart and thinking they needed a helping hand, help was offered to them to get the business going by Advantage Sales Group Canada Inc. The thought was, they were late paying because the business was under-performing and they just needed a business tune up.

Advantage Sales Group Canada Inc. dedicated considerable resources to Greg Robb, Sabrina Singh and Sugarbuds Italian Village Bakery to help get the business going. An agreement was signed March 27th, 2011. In that agreement, Greg Robb and Sabrina Singh were to pay a minimum monthly payment of $500.00 to Advantage which would increase to a percentage of sales when sales hit 50K a month and a higher percentage when sales hit 100K a month. One $500 payment was made (the first one) and no other payments have been made since. Greg and Sabrina have been sent countless e-mails and registered letters that they continue to ignore. Because of the default in the agreement, Advantage took down the stunning website they owned and stopped all work that was in progress. This forced Greg and Sabrina to put back up their previous inferior website.

Greg and Sabrina assured us they could easily pay $500.00 a month and signed the agreement with Advantage. They were anxious to position the bakery as a celebrity cake shop.

We trademarked the below name/logo and let the couple use it under license and started soliciting our connections and were able to secure the making of Hugh Hefner's cake, Curtis Joseph's cake, and the cakes of Creepy Canada, Jasmine Richards and Roy Meets Girl (show on Spike).

GTA's Cake Shop to the Stars

We got this almost-bankrupt bakery in front of some major players and got enough celebrities on board to make a celebrity cake market position believable. In return, GREG ROBB, SABRINA SINGH and Sugarbuds made one payment of $500.00 and have made no payments since. We even lent them the money to fly to California to make the Hefner cake. After we stopped helping the couple, because of nonpayment, on the strength of the cakes we got them as a base, they were able to get other celebrity cakes and serious media attention.

This couple should be ashamed of themselves. Our opinion is to not do business with un-loyal weasels like the 2 of them.

The 2 of them rent a basement apartment near the bakery, don't own a home and don't own a car. Greg used to be a photocopier salesman and before that, I think he dug trenches for a living, but a recent article in the Star called him a marketing genius which is absolutely ridiculous. My company's efforts were not mentioned in the article but Greg is called a "MARKETING GENIUS". Why hire us to turn around the poorly run bakery if he's a marketing genius?

At the time that we were seeking money from the couple, they showed up in a brand new leased vehicle. They can't manage to scrape up $500.00 a month after all we did for them but they can afford to lease a new truck. It's obvious that managing a bakery and its finances is beyond their skill set!

Advantage also asked that Greg & Sabrina "Cease and Desist" from using trademarks of Advantage and from using strategies, ideas, connections and/or efforts that were not paid for but they still use connections and resources we got them. If they honoured the agreement, the rights they enjoyed would be re-instated.

We would also like to point out that the couples site www.sugarbuds.com has a lot of illegally shown cakes on it. It is proper to sign a license agreement with a trademark owner before you use it. You will see Dora, Sesame Street, Spider-Man, Tennessee Titans cakes on the site among others, but they do not have a license agreement which would give them permission to make these cakes. Go see for yourself, if the cake pictures are removed it's because they read this article and have removed the cake pictures.

IF FOR SOME REASON, YOU STILL WANT TO DEAL WITH WEASELS LIKE THEM AND THEY MAKE YOU A CAKE, have them show you a proper licensing agreement if a licensed cake is what you want before you engage their services.

The following resources were dedicated to Greg Robb, Sabrina Singh and Sugarbuds Italian Village Bakery but were not paid for: